About Kevin

I'm an incoming MSc student on the interactive computing track in the Department of Computer Science at University of Texas at Dallas. I'm planning to apply to Ph.D. programs Fall 2022. My research interests involve multi-modal interaction in immersive environments. With the continuous evolution of AR / VR, sensors, and wearables, traditional computing will be replaced with more natural and ubiquitous interfaces. In pursuing academia, I hope to contribute to this new paradigm of computing and help ensure it can remain open and accessible by all.

Fun Projects

Ongoing research and projects will be published throughout the year. In the interim, enjoy some of the fun projects I've been working on.

Playing Snake w/ Webcam Based Controls

Playing Snake w/ Webcam-Based Controls

Using ML.NET with Unity for gesture recognition to play the classic game, Snake.

Previous Experience

Emerging Technologies Consultant Oct 2020 - Sept 2021

American Electric Power (Contract)

As part of AEP Charge, explored various technologies including augmented and virtual reality, machine learning, and commodity IoT devices for optimizing power generation, distribution, and transmission.

• Explored options for visualing spatial data and real time metrics in virtual reality using digital twins / digital shadows.
• Researched scalable methods for monitoring power output of wind farms by exploring Azure AutoML, AWS Lookout, and custom machine learning models.
• Developed proof of concept mobile application using React Native for digitizing circuit breaker repair.

Senior Manager & Architect, DevOps Tools & Automation May 2018 - Oct 2020


Recruited and led innovation focused cloud architecture and DevOps tooling teams to serve as an accelerator in Deloitte’s cloud first strategy. As a team, drafted Azure reference architecture and developing auditing platforms that supported scalable autonomy in a highly regulated environment.

• Formed cloud architecture group to provide guidance, best practices, and starter kits leading to the delivery of over 50 new Azure applications.
• Created “My DevOps” platform, a suite of tools that combines automation, auditing, and reporting to report on and drive DevOps maturity at various levels of the organization.
• Partnered with Deloitte Global and other Deloitte IT organizations to expand our scope of services and generate new revenue to the US firm.

Senior Manager, IT Infrastructure & Cloud Services Oct 2014 - Feb 2018

Think Finance

Senior Manager over Systems Engineering, Application Engineering, Network, and Telephony teams focused on driving cloud adoption and expanding DevOps practices.

• Leader for DevOps and continuous delivery initiatives. Worked cross functionally to build a blameless, results driven culture across the organization. Worked with Architecture to move from monolithic to microservices design focused on non-breaking changes.
• Architect and product owner for the creation of environment on-demand platform. Utilizing custom developed C# / MVC front end with PowerShell DSC (Desired State Configuration) and SMA (Service Management Automation) to allow for self-service deployments and the creation of new product environments reducing lead time 20x.
• Led cloud migration strategy using Azure IaaS and PaaS as well as AWS storage for backups and recovery while focusing on security and compliance requirements.

Manager, SCM / DevOps Feb 2009 - Oct 2014


Led multidisciplinary, 17-member team in the US and India. Provided mentorship and guidance to junior resources. Managed the implementation of multimillion-dollar projects, automation initiatives, and other process improvements.

• Hired and trained new India teams to allow 24x7 operational coverage. Expanded internship program to reduce the cost model for U.S. based resources. Championed training sessions for TFS, Scrum, Build Forge, C#, MVC, IIS, and various other technologies.
• Architected automated deployment and change management processes using IBM Rational Build Forge, HP PPM, and CA Service Desk to manage hundreds of applications across various domains and environments with minimal staff.

Various Developer & Systems Engineering Roles Apr 2005 - Feb 2009


Served as a Systems Engineer, Software Engineer, and Senior Web Engineer for a variety of products within Deloitte.

• Designed and maintained an enterprise level tax application used by 65,000 users with C#, ASP.NET and Oracle; wrote business critical functionality for a messaging application using C# and Oracle stored procedures.
• Provided guidance on infrastructure, deployments, and maintenance for hundreds of applications. Worked with numerous teams across the firm to improve the way Deloitte delivers projects.